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Old Carpet Kerman


Old Carpet Kerman produced 50 years ago


Kerman carpets produced in old, excellent works of art are woven so very historic origin.
Very fit and as is so timeless floral
The tatami rooms are about 10 or more

Kerman is a city located in rural southeastern part of Iran's central desert route
Design and color patterns and mystical I put a wish to increase your bloom in the desert oasis
出Senai valuable color in the color should be a nice person Ienaku 何Tomo Kelman sweet strawberry red over red belly.
Old carpet is about 50 years ago.
Japan is also nice and I think between us As the above picture.
Anyway nice
I think a very valuable piece.



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90 years ago high precious antiques

We stock an emergency. The oversized antique Persian carpets. Cumulus is also a rare item is a locality in the region.
The mat 20 or more rooms

Is difficult locally unavailable goods. The high-value goods is one point of the world's wealth
Bote handle goods produced in Qom is a very good producer of more than anywhere, is a luxury goods is a very dense weave.
Qum is relatively well-known locality Kumushiruku originally wool is not only produced only
Goods for export are popular as was the high-class Iranians not made​​.

Published in Persian carpet (wool)

Persian Blue


Persian Blue (2)

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