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Persian carpet - Qom No 2

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 Cumulus tile production (pattern Shuti to) rug
From the Qom carpets of the region is actually a wool silk is famous for its origin, we have started.
Shuti proven to have produced a very Qom has factored out.
The approximately 4.5 tatami mat room over

Local religious city of Qom is a pro-Iranian Islamic Shiya Motoyama. The town was famous for the Islamic Revolution.
There is also a city to marry me. Shuti to handle a modest impression on the famous picture is subject to the Tree of Life.
You must have become a family heirloom piece of carpet so it seems to us to maintain vitality.
Anyway nice
I think a very valuable piece.

Additional Info

  • Features:
  • Price: 300 x 200
  • Products ID: 00030
  • Size: 200 x 300 cm
  • Status: Available
  • Origin: Iran - Qom
  • Design:
  • Material: Wool
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